Here is an interview with me for Economic Magazine
(Issue 99, December 2020)


Influencers in the developed world are no longer people who blindly advertise, says Elitsa Krumova

Marketing today is unthinkable without automation and digitalization. It is increasingly more interconnected with technology and becomes part of it, says Elitsa Krumova. Her professionalism secured her a place in the prestigious Women in Tech: Top 50 Women Influencers to Follow in 2020 rankings, as well as top positions in the weekly Top 100 Thought Leaders & Influencers Division – IoT Premier League rankings.

New technologies help marketing by providing automation, artificial intelligence and fast data analysis. All this allows to predict the behaviour of consumers, to build their psychological profiles and to track their interests and attitudes towards products that they use. Marketers can also track the reactions to any marketing strategy put into action. Elitsa is doing a lot of experiments, because it is namely experimenting that can drive the new wave of success. She is well aware that sometimes, as the pandemic has suddenly stricken us, for example, unexpected changes occur that have a strong impact on consumer behaviour. Every sharp turn that reality puts before us is a reminder that business must be constantly alert and in line with the needs of its customers.

Influencers become good assistant to marketers. Around the world, such people, who have their own channels of influence, give impetus to development. They are able to predict the future of industries and technologies, but they also have the power to move the world forward. Bulgaria has not yet reached such a stage of growth of the so-called influencers. Through networks like Twitter, waves are rising around the world that are really changing businesses, industries, people, while in our country Facebook and Instagram are the social media with the widest penetration. Many companies in the country rely on paid campaigns on these two platforms, while in the West many businesses have boycotted such an opportunity.

Influencers are business partners but they are not people who blindly advertise. They are already entering the role of a “controlling body”, as influencer marketing already has a tangible impact in areas, such as technology, science and everything related to consumption, says Elitsa Krumova. In the transition to Industry 5.0 and Industry 6.0, where revolutionary new technologies are changing the reality, a good synergy between humans and machines will be vital. An exciting future awaits us, predicts Elitsa Krumova. And she adds: It is important that development happens at a well-measured pace, so that our human identity does not get lost.

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