It was my pleasure to join the Women in IoT Club Conference organized by The IoT Podcast on January 26th 2022!

You can watch my speech with the title: ‘The Gentle Invasion: Breaking Barriers’ here:

Disturbed times require drastic actions. It is high time for women to stand their ground and raise their voices for empowerment and equal share of the world.

There are certain steps that should be taken to overcome the existing gender inequality in the world and in the domain in technology in particular.

Firstly, stereotypes should be broken.

Bridging the gender gap is the next big change that must be called for.

Thirdly, thinking about the foundations of women equality, we should point out equal learning opportunities as one of the major pillars.

In order real opportunity equality to be achieved, businesses should strive to assure greater work-life balance for all employees.

The next step includes seeing more women in top management positions. This a vital part of the equality, diversity and inclusion movement.

Women are gentle and fair and such is their power. It is time for more power in women’s hands, so that the world can become a more pleasant place to live in.

I hope you will enjoy watching my video!

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